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April Scott (Los Angeles)

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A professional artist and teacher with over 20 years experience in several mediums. In 2002 I received my degree in Graphic design and currently working in Los Angeles, CA.  I am mostly known for my "self taught" Pyrography (wood burned) art. Recently I received a grant to produce a show for the National Queer Arts Festival 2018 in Oakland, CA. Check out my Pyrography collection for sale here.

T. Christal (Oakland)

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I provide a large scale of services to my clients. I am a one stop shop that addresses all aesthetic realms including hair, skin, nails, art, and jewelry design. My intention through my services is to provide my clients with the freedom, security, and flexibility to be themselves through multiple mediums.

Click here for info about T. Christal!

Russel Arelis (Oakland)

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I'm a multifaceted Filipina art inspired being working as a Freelance Graphic Designer in Oakland. I'm passionate about illustration and music, winning an internship as a youth with Monterey based Sculpturist, Richard McDonald, and was appointed Art Media Graphic Designer Director for Event Promotions such as EDEN SF and Queer Fashion Week between 2013-2016. Currently I am the appointed Graphic Media Designer for the legendary Queer Event SOULOVELY.

Brandy Horton (Los Angeles)

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I'm Brandy (BrandyLoves2Draw) Horton, an extremely hardworking, passionate, dedicated artist and single mother of two from Los Angeles. Art is my LIFE and I've been drawing for over 20 years. I've recently branched out and began painting, designing logos, and I'm now also selling my designs on shirts, hoodies and bags at events. Check out my online store here

Nicole Gilmore (Miami)

While living in L.A., my love for art was awakened. I went to school for Graphic Design in Orange County, CA and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2004. Soon after, I married my husband and travel ensued. Every place I lived had an influence on my creativity. Beginning in my home state of California, through the culturally-rich islands of Hawaii, the bright lights and commercial industry of Las Vegas, and now Florida. I worked on a wide variety of projects in each of those cities, including non-profit work for a number of years. Working with community partners in under-served inner-city areas was the most rewarding work I've ever experienced. My portfolio is a diverse arsenal of artistic expression, no matter the scope. Over the years, I learned that no matter the trade an artist engages in for leisure, or for
pay, to create is to serve purpose to life. Everyone’s artistic expression is important.
Currently, I'm a Senior Designer at a firm that handles over a dozen e-commerce sites and hundreds of client printed marketing materials from concept to fruition. I am a true lover of art on any medium. 

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