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The Plush One (Los Angeles)

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In high school 95-99 I thought I was Radio Raheem. We didn't have a radio station or regular DJ at my school, so I walked around campus with my portable Aiwa cd/cassette player. I would ask my friends to bring their music and I would put them on to new jams. Some teachers hated me, some loved it, but all my peers really appreciated it. Also, my sophomore year I started digging for records and THAT'S WHEN I KNEW I WAS A DJ!!

THE PLUSH ONE is an open format strictly vinyl DJ for almost 20 years. She's known for her sexy smooth blends & telling love stories by structuring each mix as one song: with a verse, bridge, & chorus.

PLUSH has past residencies in Los Angeles at the Virgil, Crane's Hollywood Tavern, Karma Lounge, and the Grand Star Jazz Club. She's also rocked the decks at many L.A. events such as: 90.7 FM KPFK, Truthseeker's Radio, Escala Beats and Eats, Bodega, Standard Hollywood, Beat Swap Meet, Accelerated Radio L.A., Cuffin L.A., Wax Works, and Do-Over L.A. The last 5 years, Plush has been residing in Oakland, rockin spots such as SomarBar, The New Parish, AU Lounge, Pops Bar SF, and Lake Merritt. Her specialty is Mixing timeless classics + new gems. Plush has recently moved back to LOS ANGELES and she's ready to rock!!  

DJ Slum Beautiful (Oakland)

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Slum Beautiful is a working DJ in Oakland, CA. My creative duality has richly complimented my success in the event Industry for over 10+ years. My skills as DJ however are deeply rooted in the city of Chicago, which nurtured and inspired my artistic skills throughout my career. My clients range from Night Club Venues/Promoters, Private, Curated Events and Weddings. Currently, I'm a DJ contractor with Youth Speaks (A National Youth Poetry Slam) for the Bay Area Region as one of their DJs (2015-Present).

DJ Michelle Q (Brooklyn)

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Official DJ for Nominated for BEST DJ 2014 by Urban Underground Weekly LA. Founder of QMUnity Projects and The Ladies First Collective. Former DJ for Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets) at the 5th Annual Divine Feline 2011 Benefit Concert.

I'm a dancer 1st, DJ 2nd, and lyricist 3rd. As a kid I grew up watching Solid Gold, and dreamed of dancing on Soul Train or In Living Color. I wanted to be a Fly-girl or Laker-girl, but instead was lucky to learn what it meant to become a B-girl. I made my first dance mixes on 2 tape-decks and started DJ'ing before Serato and MP3's. They were days of collecting records, carrying crates and turntables, asking friends where they got that remix, and playing what we found on a white label record. I search for music that’s soulful, funky, hype, hard-hitting, bass-driven, thought-provoking or melodic. The goal is to bridge people together, unite them thru music and words, and most of all inspire them to dance. 

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