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April Scott began her art journey at the young age of 13. After seeing her first piece on the wall in 8th grade, she never turned back. At 16, April taught her first art class and knew this was who she was born to be. For 20+ years she has been a multidisciplinary mix media artist combining techniques such as wood burning, painting, drawing, carving and sketching. Reflecting the times by celebrating her people from past, present, and future.


"ALL of my art is an offering + celebration of my people. Now and then. Places I dream of. Where they could have been. ROYALTY through my eyes. Hence the clean lines, stoicism, homemade colors and embellishments. I was the artist in the village. Building art from the ground up. I was the artist in the kingdom. Painting African Queens + Kings.

I've definitely been here before." - April Scott 

Every piece is for sale. For serious inquiries, please send a message on our contact page to speak directly w/ the artist. ALL proceeds are going towards a studio space for Artistry Park.

For live art videos, BTS + more check out our  NEW YOUTUBE GALLERY!

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