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I constantly grew up around music. Always exposed to every single genre of music at such a young age growing up in Southern California. My parents would take me to live concerts and they made sure that music was a strong foundation in my life.


In high school 95-99 they called me Radio Raheem. We didn't have a radio station or regular DJ at my school, so I walked around campus with my portable Aiwa cd/cassette player. Some teachers hated me, some loved it, but all my peers really appreciated it. Made mixtapes, cd compilations by recording songs from the radio, cassettes, records and cds that were in the house. I started diggin for records at the end of my Sophomore year. At the end of Senior year, I was DJ. It happened so naturally. I’m incredibly thankful that this art found me.

- The Plush One



STRICTLY VINYL SINCE 99' THE PLUSH ONE began rockin spots in L.A. Past residencies in Los Angeles: The Virgil, Crane's Hollywood Tavern, Karma Lounge, and the Grand Star Jazz Club. She's also rocked the decks at many L.A. events such as: 90.7 FM KPFK, Truthseeker's Radio, Escala Beats and Eats, Bodega, Standard Hollywood, Beat Swap Meet, The Record Box Truck, Accelerated Radio L.A., Cuffin L.A., Wax Works, and Do-Over L.A + more!


From 2012 - 2020 The Plush One expanded to Oakland where she curated many art events and rocked the decks at spots such as SomarBar, The New Parish, AU Lounge, Pops Bar SF, Craft n Spoon, Soul Provisions, Lake Merritt + more!


She is a storyteller. Mixing timeless classics + new gems. Always vinyl all the time.

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